What To Do If Your Home Builder Refuses To Fix Problems

When your home builder has done a shoddy job of the construction of your house, you are actually protected by law and are entitled to either compensation or to have the work rectified. Some builders, however, don’t care much for quality materials nor for their reputation, which may lead them to refuse to do either of these things. If you are currently in this situation, what should you do?  บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน

Determine fault: The first thing you need to do is determine who is at fault in regards to the problem. If you wrote into the contract that the walls of your home would be paneled, for example, and the builder put up sheet rock, they are at fault.

Hire someone else: If the home builder has made it clear that they will not be repairing the problems they have caused, find someone who will. You should at least get some estimates on what the work will cost, and send a letter to your original contractor informing them that you will be suing.

Civil lawsuit: If the letter was still not enough incentive for the builder to fix their mistakes, you will need to prepare to take them to court. You should sue them for the cost of getting the problem rectified, and include your own court costs, like for filing the paperwork.

Many homeowners also like to report home builders who have caused serious problems and then refused to fix them so that others don’t find themselves in the same position. There are a number of regulatory agencies that you could submit a complaint to, including the one that issued the builder with their license, which will make others aware of their attitude.

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