What Products Does A Typical Sales Funnel Contain?

The first product will normally be a free gift to get the visitor to subscribe to your email list. Once the visitor has subscribed to your list and downloaded the free gift, Ebook, software, whatever, they are now in the top of your funnel. The top of the funnel is the widest part of the funnel and it is also the cheapest place to purchase one of your products.

As the subscriber moves through the funnel he is presented with ever more expensive products. Normally the subscriber would not be allowed to progress through the funnel until they have purchased each product at the level they are currently at.

As they purchase each new product you should encourage them to re-subscribe to a different list that is offering higher priced products than they have been buying. You should also remove the subscriber from the lower value list so he only has the option of higher priced products.

This means the subscriber can take quite a while to get through the funnel, often as much as several months. When the subscriber has been stuck in the funnel for a while you could offer them a higher value product to see if you can kick start them into purchasing again. clickfunnels affiliate scam This can sometimes work especially if they had already bought a similar product from another seller and did not need your product.

Alternatively you can ask the subscriber, perhaps by way of a survey, what problems they are having and what do they need to learn. When they reply, providing it is something many other people would purchase, go ahead and create the product. You should get at least one sale, probably many more.

As the subscriber moves down the funnel, you need to continue to add products to the funnel so the subscriber will always have something new to buy. Not all subscribers will continue to buy but you need to make sure there is something to buy if they want to. Some subscribers will buy every product you have for sale and if they run out of your products to buy they will go elsewhere and may never come back.

When the subscriber has purchased all of your informational products, you should start to sell them a coaching course. Compared with information products, coaching products have a much higher perceived value and anyway, this will probably be the next step that the subscriber needs to take.

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